Blog: Ginger Wars Update

It’s been a while since the last blog post but there will be more updates as we get closer to launching our game, The Ginger Wars, on Kickstarter. We decided to take a step back and reach out to reviewers and get even more play testing in.

With third party reviewers, we found it difficult to convince them to use a Print and Play version and I totally get that. It’s work and they are the ones doing the favour. We were able to get a couple sites to do it and their reviews should be out shortly. It was also difficult to get some sites to test our game based on the mechanics of the game since they seem simple and many reviewers are looking for something new. I get that too.

The goal of our game was to be picked up easily, have lots of player interaction, and be silky smooth in the game play. I definitely believe we hit all those marks. When Brent, the co-creator, took The Ginger Wars to a game designer night in Toronto the feedback was awesome. Everyone picked up the game quickly and the player battles were very intense. Thanks again guys!


The selling point of our game is definitely the playing experience, so we’re going to get more gamers trying it out. We are ordering a bunch of high quality prototype copies. A few for reviewers and the rest for board game cafes. We want people to get hooked on our game and hopefully mention their experience on social media. Some buzz is what we’re after before launching on Kickstarter.

We’ve also made the game even more portable. The character chits are now cards so the whole game can fit into this nifty tuck box for poker sized cards. Here’s a prototype I made of the new boxes.



The new character cards which represent your health, strength, and what other players are targeting will look something like this. Some play testers mentioned it was kinda tough distinguishing their opponents pieces across the table… Is that their right or left arm?… We listened. Each card is now more distinguishable from a distance.


I’ll post more updates when we get our new prototypes or when some reviews come out. Until next time. Stay fresh.

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– Jay



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